June 18, 2013

Chopping Block

It wasn't too long ago, I saw 'chop salad' on a menu. I could sort of understand chopped salad so I just figured it was just a Southernism. Prior to that though, a salad with chopped veggies was just a salad, but now it seems adding those four letters make it something different than a regular salad.

This one sure is!

This is my version, inspired by a recipe I saw in the fancy Boar's Head (who, coincidentally has a really nice, classy website design), handout on the deli counter. Have you ever picked those up? This one was so slick, I thought I'd give it a try while I waited, and got a few great ideas!

Maple Honey Turkey Waldorf Salad
I followed the ingredients pretty close, but omitted the mayo and used agave instead of sugar. Turned out great and was perfect for a hot summer evening, with a side of CSA squashes & red onions.

Also coincidentally, this meal matched a pic I snapped of my view from work that morning.

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