July 13, 2013

New Recipe: Tomatillo-Corn Pizza

It's been quite a while since I embarked on a concoction with this much prep. I had already planned to make pizza for dinner Friday night, but there were a LOT of fresh ingredients from our CSA backing up on my counter and in my fridge, so I decided to put my thinking cap on and use them up.

A couple years ago, I made salsa verde with some tomatillos, so I started with the pizza premise, and decided to use a salsa-like sauce instead of spaghetti-like sauce.

De-husked and boiled. (Correll Farms - CF)

Plus I added some beautifully colored dark red and green heirloom tomato (CF), fresh garlic cloves (CF), cilantro, and a tiny squirt of agave. Combine it all in a food processor until pureed. Set aside.

Meanwhile, I shucked the sweet corn (CF) and cut it off the cob. I sauted it for about 5 minutes with some onions (CF) in olive oil, just until tender.

One sure thing about using lots of fresh ingredients: lots of compost material. 

Using the last litte bit of my Hoffner Farms wheat flour and basic white, I rolled out a pizza crust. I usually transfer to baking sheet and cook for about 5 minutes while the oven is preheating before adding fixings. 

Top the crust with the tomatillo mix. 

Then the corn & onions, some broccoli florets, and olives. Final touch: Monterey Jack!

Bake for 17-20 minutes, finishing with a few minutes broil. Winner winner pizza dinner. This one is a definite keeper. 

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