September 2, 2009

And meanwhile on the grocery shelves

I saw an ad pop up today that made me curious. Progresso is marketing a new line of soups labeled 'High Fiber'. While it's nice they are attempting to be healthy, I knew, before even looking, the label would shock me.

Now please don't get me wrong, while YJDKIY would never eat this, if your choice is a hamburger and chili fries or this soup, by far, soup is a better choice. But take a minute to analyze this. When you first look at the calories, 130, wow, that's great, only 3 g of fat and 15 mg of cholesterol, sold. Look, its got protein and vitimins and, gasp, 7 g of fiber.

Hey, but did you notice, a serving is only half the can? I'd be willing to bet most people eat the whole thing in one sitting. That means, really, you're likely going to consume 1380 mg of sodium! Oh, and guess what, did you see the corn syrup? You know how I feel about this!

I'm not trying to insult Progresso, my point is simply, don't just go on what the label says, think about it. You could eat an apple, at 53 calories, no cholesterol/fat/sodium and get over half the amount of fiber in a serving of this soup. I liken this kind of product advertising and label shenanigans to cartoon cigarette ads or beer commercials during Power Rangers. It's time for people, and food companies, to be responsible about what goes in your mouth.

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