October 20, 2009

I didn't sign up for this!

And that makes me extremely happy. Not because brightly colored junk mail makes me exceptionally excited. But because someone somewhere out there in the industry attached this title to YJDKIY's professional name. Which isn't my actual title, but one I am pleased to be called.

Now, if I could just convince those people who ask things like 'can we put a box around the logo' and 'what if you make it bold and underline it' and 'could we use a cursive font instead' and 'you can increase the resolution of that picture I sent you, right?' and 'but all that white space is wasted?' of the same, I'll be set.

At least now I can invoke the Patron Saints of Graphic Design to aid with this nonsense.

St. Pantone

And fully practice Murphy's Laws of Graphic Design.

But most importantly, hopefully I can enlighten the world with a little article called

this image is HIGHLY worth clicking through, folks.


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