October 18, 2009

v. to discover one was not knowledgeable of a fact worth knowing*

I got YJDKIYed* this morning! I don't know why or how I didn't think of this earlier. Duh.

I can't stand drinking water straight from the tap, it tastes chemically and its warm and just icky. And when it dries in the bottom of a glass, there is a white residue. That can't be good.

So why would I drink it in my coffee? Not only does Brita-filtered water make my Cinnamon Spice Coffee taste infinitely better, it saves time in the always-night-before-programmed-coffee-making ritual. I can pour straight into the back of the coffee maker without having to guess how much is going in the pot.
(eerily similar to my free coffee maker!)

Now I can't decide if I am more ecstatic at this discovery and how much yummier the result is, or shocked that it took me five years at a bitter cup a day to stumble upon this.

PS: There was supposed to be a picture of a Brita instead of a link, but Blogger has really sucky picture adding capacities. Had I known the full extent this sooner, I probably would have stuck with WordPress. If anyone knows any secrets to making multiple picture entries, galleries, alignment, etc., please let me know.

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