November 12, 2009

Quickest Beach Trip Ever

Yes that photo of Pringles (can you say a pringle?) is related to the title of this post. Even YJDKIY gives in to not at all healthy cravings once in a while. This time, the salty potato crunch was calling my name. As soon as I popped the top of the tube, the smell and taste sent me sailing to Emerald Isle, circa 1982?

See them? Right there on the top part of the plate. The ONLY time Pringles graced the lips of young YJDKIY was when my grandmother purchased such treats. They also lived in her pantry any time I visited their house, but I particularly remember eating them at lunch, on the porch of the beach house after a morning of hard beach play. YUM!

And for your reading enjoyment, remember when I mentioned this problem? Apparently that has always been the case. Photographic evidence:

Also from a beach trip, fresh corn on the cob...I may be trying to eat the whole thing, couldn't really say.

Vanilla ice cream, in what looks like a season too cold to be eating frozen goodies

And the crowning moment in YJDKIY food history, shoveling in mac & cheese and broccoli (which I'm henceforth calling mac & trees, and yes, I do still kinda eat like that). However, my favorite part of this photo is the fact that even at 2 there is ketchup!


  1. I just noticed I'm wearing the same shirt in the ice cream and mac & trees photo!



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