December 9, 2009

ANOTHER Open Letter to the Residents of...

Dear Neighbors,
Bless your heart, I know you mean well. But really, is it necessary to rake your leaf piles into the street and blocking the sidewalk? Not only have you nearly caused accidents by only allowing a narrow single pass road, you've also chased me and my dog into a soggy mess because there is no where to walk.

I promise your grass will grow back. If you don't start taking this into consideration, I may find it necessary to reinforce the city's statement on this:

Leaf Collection Information

Fall is here and the leaves are piling up! Leaf collection will begin on November 2, 2009. Follow these guidelines:

  • Rake leaves to the edge of your yard, behind the curb, and not in the street.
  • Sticks, rocks, and other debris may damage our equipment. Please, leaves only.
  • Do not park vehicles on, in front of, or near your leaves.
  • Do not put your leaves on a tarp.

To follow daily progress go to our Leaf Collection Schedule page.

I know our neighborhood is much more considerate than the Boovies, (Esbee says it best) but really, it's a blind right turn, a narrow left turn, a stop sign that you can't even pull up to, and there is no where to walk. Not to mention, you have PLENTY of room on the yard outside of the fence that you don't even use.



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