December 9, 2009

Happy Christmas to Me!

YJDKIY's $8 birthday and Christmas present to herself!

  • blintz (BLIHNTS): A tender, ultrathin pancake that can be made with any number of flours. Rolled to enclose a sweet or savory filling, then sauteed until golden brown
  • daizu (DI-ZOO): Japanese term for "dried soybeans"
  • Limburger (LIHM-BER-GER): Undoubtedly one of the stinkiest of the strong-smelling cheeses, Limburger has a rind that ranges in color from pinkish orange to reddish brown and a yellow, pasty interior; made from cow's milk and is often soft-ripened for 3-4 weeks or more. It originated in Belgium, most is imported from Germany.
  • schmear (SHMEER): Thought ot have come from the Yiddish word shmirn (to smear or grease), the word is used in the culinary wold to describe a dab of something like mayo or cream cheese that's spread on a roll, bagel, etc.
  • waitron: Though not commonly used today, this unisex term was coined in the 1980s for waitresses and waiters
It also includes ingredient substitutions, pan size conversions, safe cooking temperatures, smoke points of popular oils, wine bottle sizes, food label terms, pasta glossary, British and American cooking terms, seasoning suggestions, retail cuts of meat, key definitions of food additives, and a pronunciation guide.

Note: You could just look it up online at Epicurious' Food Dictionary

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