December 1, 2009

Easy as 1, 2, 3

This man no doubt has a legion of handlers - lawyers, agents, publicists, doctors, etc. So how is it that someone with all those "smart" people surrounding him, someone who Sports Illustrated wrote this about: With close to $800 million in total earnings on and off the course over his 13-year career, Tiger should become the first billion-dollar athlete in the next two years -- and he's still only 32, can totally eff up his public relations management?

I think YJDKIY learned this on the second day of my first class in communications. There is one, tried and true rule for sailing through a public disaster: tell it first, tell it yourself, tell it completely. Even Yahoo backs me up on that!

Cases in point: John Edwards, broke every single rule, career done. David Letterman, adhered to the triumvirate, ratings soared.

Tiger, please feel free to pay me half a percent of your earnings and I'll gladly share my college text book with you.

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