January 30, 2010

Let the games begin!

Cooped up inside and need a little entertainment!? YJDKIY brings you exclusive entertainment in the form of a contest!!

Below you will see 13 packaged food items found in my kitchen. Based on the ingredients list, can you guess what YJDKIY is eating? (sorry for the sucky photos, iPhone does NOT do macro!)

Answers must be submitted by Saturday, February 6, as comments to the post, and all at once. If you don't know one, guess or leave it blank.

The entry with the most correct answers wins, with one bonus point given where the specific brand is guessed (i.e. Heinz Ketchup). Prize is a YJDKIY meal of your choosing!


  1. 1. flour
    2. creamer for coffee
    3. burger mix
    4. bagels or bread product
    5. mixed fruit juice
    6. salsa
    7. potato chips
    8. soy milk
    9. sauce product like chutney
    10. Fantastic Foods tabouli mix
    11. Rice/orzo mix
    12. hot chocolate mix
    13. fantastic foods,falafel mix

  2. what she said -> rotate arrow veritcal



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