March 15, 2010


As in, there are veggies all over the table! 

Fresh beets, greens removed, with a little olive oil. Cornbread ready to bake. 
Brussel sprouts.
Kale and discards.
Plus black eyed peas.
First attempt...not sure it was worth the effort. AND my fingers are dyed.
Lots of cookware.
But yummy on my plate.
Finished with Edy's froyo, oats, cinnamon and a drizzle of chocolate!


  1. Think of all the red and green good stuff...looks yummy. What was on the beets?

  2. I roasted with skins on because supposedly they were easier to remove cooked, not so true. Just a drizzle of olive oil for that. Once chopped, I added more olive oil, rosemary and thyme to bake.



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