June 8, 2010


I was supposed to make tortellini soup and I thought I had all the ingredients. This, however, should be an indication that my pantry/fridge is too full when I can't see what is (and more importantly, isn't) in it! I had no stock and no spinach. So I quickly changed gears, sauteing carrots, r + g bell pepper, celery, onion and broccoli in EVOO.  YJDKIY hates cream sauces, I can't eat them without literally seeing my arteries clog, so I knew that was out. I added about 1/8 the bottle of white cooking wine and about 1/2 c. soy milk, some garlic powder and ground pepper to make a runny white sauce. Let it simmer, added a little parm and mixed with the boiled tortellini. I also am not really a fan of white pasta OR prepared foods, but this works in a pinch and when I need a lot of food for leftover eating.

PS: Did I mention that, while containing vegetables and not heavy cream, this is by no means a healthy meal? My legs had lead in them on the treadmill the next morning and I blame this meal!!

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