July 18, 2010


YJDKIY got menu denied last night. I tried to order the macrobiotic veggies & tofu, but noooo...the waiter said the Thai version was much better and I wouldn't like it anyway.  It was tasty, but much like tanning and smoking, I don't think anyone has told this town that MSG is bad. I did get this cool carrot butterfly with my salty THAI veggies & tofu (which thankfully was less fried than normal) though. :P

The girl at the table next to YJDKIY tried to order it too and he tried to convince her otherwise, but she'd clearly been there before and stood her ground. After paying the bill and inquiring further as to the contents of said dish, only to find out it is simply miso soup ("no MSG, no anything, just miso" she said), I was kind of ticked (and since my tongue was dried out and numb from so much salt!), but at least I'll know for next time?

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