July 25, 2010

Even Steven?

Today including the following:

[X] 2 hours driving for the genius bar
[X] Earthfare shopping stock up
[X] Being bizarrely eligible for a free hard drive replacement on a 4 year old computer
[X] Losing last 4 months of data (photos, music, docs)
[X] Not spending $1400 on a computer, but resurrecting mylittleblackbook
[X] Two hours setting up the new hard drive with the backup files I did have

I've heard about it for so long, and finally finally I get to enjoy the goodness! I went with a dark chocolate/peanut butter mix, with a tiny dollop (I refuse to say squirt) of vanilla. Toppings included strawberries, granola and a smidge of coconut. It's a darn good thing this place is a solid 56 miles away! 25 calories an ounce (I think I had about 8 oz), no cholesterol, ORGANIC, no corn syrup, minimum sodium, live cultures.

Related, I think they have a super business model. Self serve so the customer is doing all the work, little retail space, one size fits all and encourages LARGE purchases, "healthy" dessert item. If someone would like to lend me $200K in liquid assets, $350K in net worth, the $25K franchise fee, royalties and advertising fees, and building costs, I'll gladly share the profits. :P

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