July 28, 2010


This post, like many others starts with: The intended recipe...

YJDKIY decided that I'm kind of over bready things, even wraps until cooler weather comes back. So tortillas for the Sweet Potato Burritos were out. I thought about just doing naked burritos, but decided I'd poof them into something greenier!

Using the biggest kale leaves of the bunch (this would work much better when kale is actually in season and normal size), and trimmed the stem in a v-shape up into the leaf.

To save time, I diced the sweet potato and microwaved it for about 10 mins with a little water.

Meanwhile, I blanched the kale leaves for about 3 minutes, finishing with a cold water bath to stop the cooking.

Once the sweet potato was smooshy, I used a potato masher to mix in some black beans until a nice gooey base formed.

Recipes always call for using the juice, but I always rinse them in hopes of reducing the 440 mg of sodium. I don't know WHY beans need that much salt, I'm going to have to start cooking my own! Added a little garlic powder, cumin, pepper and lime juice.

A dollop on the kale leaves and rolled up.

Baked at 350 for 10-15 mins until warmed through, topped with a little cheddar cheese and broiled for about 5 minutes.

Served with toasty pita triangles (they were so crunchy I don't consider them bread! I know, it's a quirk, just pretend its cute) and asparagus. These were tastier than I thought and worked out pretty well. Larger versions would sub excellently for burritos and smaller ones would be superb appetizers.

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