July 28, 2010

(Past) Local Lunch

YJDKIY's high school got a makeover recently. But not just a makeover, a complete rebuild in the form of Ty's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition! You can read more about the new green high school, set to open in the Fall on this blog.

Of interest to me was an article in the local paper featuring the new food/cafeteria resources! I would love to get a tour of this industrial kitchen before it gets gross with actual institution food and high schooler germs. :P

Watauga County Schools nutrition director Nicole Mayernik stands in front of her favorite appliance at the new Watauga High School cafeteria -a high-tech steamer/cooker that can accept direct recipe information from a computer. Photo by Lauren Ohnesorge from the Watauga Democrat.

A few highlights from the article indicate THIS school is moving in the right direction!
  • Child nutrition director Nicole Mayernik worked with culinary students to design a menu that's as inviting as any food court.
  • Expect ethnic flair to hit the taste buds also, as themed bars will be a notable part of the WHS dining experience.
  • One population at WHS that will see the benefits of the new menu? Vegetarians.
    Vegetarians make up an estimated 12 percent of students, Mayernik said, and new "fiberful" vegetarian options served a la cart will help them get their protein and stick to their dietary restrictions. The menu is constantly evolving. Mayernik plans to survey parents and consider their opinions on the selections. (YJDKIY....a la CART? ahem!)
  (Additional recommended reading about FarmToSchool programs in NC)

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