July 31, 2010


YJDKIY took to taming the beastly utensil collection that resides on the Ave. It's taking every ounce of willpower to not just chuck the whole thing and buy one new, really nice version of each. I am bizarrely attached to some of the odder and older ones.

Seriously, we don't need 4 peelers, 3 scissors, 5 spatulas, 2 pasta thingies, 3 ladles and 6 flippers do we?

Everything out of its drawer or utensil holder and out for inspection.

As organizey as that would be to start over with singles, it's extremely unpractical for this kitchen, as I know we use more than one peeler or flipper before the dishwasher is run.

I did weed out a good 10 utensils that are gone-zo now though!

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