July 14, 2010


YJDKIY is back on the The Ave, with no groceries in sight! So, for breakfast it was time to try out this new product from Better Oats: Oat Revolution Old Fashioned Instant Oatmeal in Apples & Cinnamon. I picked these up a couple of weeks ago based on their whole oatiness for just such an occasion. I by no means recommend these over real oats, but the mostly decent ingredients (we could seriously do without the #2 sugar and guar gum).

These would be great for a health(ier) breakfast item in-hotel. Call me a sucker for product packaging, but I love that you use the packet for water measuring!

Overall, they were definitely sweeter than I prefer, and the tiny serving (although only 130 cals) kept me full for a total of 2 hours, MAYBE. For future reference, I'll probably make two and if on the go, add a knead and squeeze from Justin's!

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