August 7, 2010

877 miles

That's how many YJDKIY has been in the last 36 hours! A few highlights:

All pre-7 am road trips are required to start with BE&C even if Snackdonalds robbed me of the B

10:30 am snack...who knew these came in a package!?

No offense West Virginia, but really?

We did partake of some WVian picnic tables for a leftover lunch

Behold! Destination: Allentown

Yes, that pasta box does say Mother in Law's Tongue

 Local Farm/Produce map!

Wegmans checkout. The cheerios aren't ours. The coffee cans are, more on that later.

 Yummy gobag goodies almost gone. 

Odd, but mostly good dinner at Farm2Bistro

6 am across the George Washington Bridge - NYC!

Dinner on the Cape!

And then there's this. The Mosquito Magnet/Defender. Happy Vacay!

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