August 5, 2010

Maybe next time

YJDKIY had lofty ideas about the summer lasagna idea. I wanted something lighter than the standard veggie lasagna that some how seems like a winter meal. The plan was the puree some local tomatoes and basil (instead of jar or can sauce), add a little light cottage cheese and ricotta (instead of tons of mozza) and use zucchini ribbons (instead of noodles) as the layer base.

I picked WAY too much basil, but possibly because my baby basils have turned into a small forest!

MMMM this puree mixed with the ricotta could have been the meal itself. It was like creamy gazpacho! (note: pureeing super runny tomatoes is not the recommended time for discovering your food copper gadget has two small holes in the lid!!)

Zucchini ribbons! I think they make a fancy tool for this, which I do not own. Cheese grater worked perfectly! Once I started assembling this, my tummy got the best of me and I decided it need more...stuff.

I decided to put some whole wheat noodles in - 2 layers of 4 each. And some green pepper (cleaning out the fridge!) with about a cup of MSF.

All assembled pretty

And baking for....60 minutes at 375! Zucchini and tomatoes are extremely runny and I had no egg to hold it together.

In the end, it was ok, but you couldn't taste the tomatoes at all. Not sure how to fix that in the future, maybe adding tomato paste (but I was trying to stay away from cans), or not mixing in quite so much cheese.

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