August 30, 2010


Who cares about the Emmy Award. The EFSA, circa 1991, was created to denote outstanding fashion. And here you have it (and some not so it!).

Kelly Osbourne (Tony Ward Couture): She really looks like a completely different person. Glad to know being rail thin and bobbleheaded and blonde is what she was going for. The dress is great though. A
Lauren Graham (Yigal Azrouel): What the heck was she thinking? She's a pretty lady and this all over the place not flatering dress (and hair and accessories) was the best she could do?  D-

Kiernan Shipka: OMG she is so cute. She totally worked that look and pose. I'm so glad Sally's parents let her go. A!

Zooey Deschanel's sister, Emily (Max Azria Atelier): Well, at least her bangs resemble the horrid fringe on the dress. She does get points for the color, but that only makes for C.

Tina Fey (Oscar de la Renta): After several previous disastaculars, she finally got one right. It's creative, it fits, its flattering, and she looks pretty (and is posing!). Love the sleeves and bracelet. A

Lea Michele (Oscar de la Renta): I can't decide about this. She got raving EFSA points when she wore this color previously, so I do like it. But, again?  I like the necklace a lot,  but the hair and ruffles are a little much. Also does NOT look comfy. B

Claire Danes (Giorgio Armani Privé): I love this dress. For a second though, I thought this was Kelly Osbourne. And then I thought it was Heidi Klum. No points for originality and I'm kind of over this color of blonde on everyone. B+

Maura Tierney (vintage): LOVE this dress and her hair. It would be the perfect combination and look for her except for it's blending exactly with the red carpet. A bracelet would have been nice. A-

Sofia Vergara (Carolina Herrera): Another one I can't decide about. I think it's working for her, I like the cut, design, material, but don't just love the color. B

Anna Paquin (Alexander McQueen): Hmm, she pulls this off, oddly, well. Not much I can say about it though. SO tired of that hair color. B

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (Prada): Um, what? He's fine, but is getting docked for letting her walk out the door like that. Nothing about it is acceptable. ESPECIALLY the shoes. F

Toni Collette (Valentino): YJDKIY is still disturbed from watching her current series, but this dress makes up for it a little. A-

January Jones (Atelier Versace): As per usual, fail. She has SUCH potential. Bedhead is not an acceptable red carpet look. The cut of the dress could have worked minus the texture, bodice and color. Makeup and jewelry would have been nice, too, Bets. D-

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Narciso Rodriguez): This is simple, clean, appropriate, and kind of boring. B-

Christina Hendricks (Zac Posen): This color is fantastic for her, the cut, particularly the neckline, not so much. The flippy things go with her hair though. C

Heidi Klum (Marchesa): Showoff. A

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick (Monique Lhuillier): When I saw just her, I was not fond of this dress. I still don't like her clutch at all. But, as a couple they look really polished and appropriate. A-

Elizabeth Moss (Donna Karan): Note to self, even if dress is nice, it should not match my pale skin tone. The hair and earrings are awful and she shouldn't try that pose. This 28 year old looks 58. D

Don Draper Jon Hamm (Giorgio Armani): Perfect, but I generally prefer him with less forehead and hair pouff. :P A

All in all, a good showing, that I didn't watch one second of! Glad to hear my two shows, Modern Family and Mad Men won!

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