August 30, 2010

Sign of the times v.2

YJDKIY was in a fall food way last night. Not to mention the Farmer's Market had some butternuts!

Ready for fall squashes!

As usual, I had to make some recipe modifications. I didn't have a sweet yellow onion and I refused to use butter over EVOO.

First time making risotto from scratch! It's kind of labor intensive, but I think it turned out just fine following the instructions on the box. I do see how more onion and butter would have been more standard risotto flavor.

Sauted green onion in EVOO and add rice until coated and starting to turn clear. Then add warm vegetable stock, 1 cup at a time as absorbed. After about 5 minutes of that, add finely chopped butternut and continue adding stock. I got bored and added the remaining 3 cups after about 15 minutes. Continue simmering, covered, for about 20 minutes until rice is desired texture. The box called for cream, but I used plain Oikos instead (perfect!), and added some parmesan and grated romano.

It was extra tasty and extra fally served with balsamic-garlic green beans made by the other cooker!

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