September 13, 2010

Boston Eats & Walking Feets

YJDKIY got some super cool Keens just to hit the streets of Boston last weekend (after trying on a bagillion Merrell's and softs).

I knew there would be lots of walking...but I didn't know we'd cover 18.5 miles in 48 hours (according to my backtracking with Google Pedometer).

Waking up in NC, having breakfast in MA! A super tasty veggie omelet on an everything bagel from Quincy Market. We dined with some fowl friends.

From there, YJDKIY headed over to the New England Aquarium for some aquatic entertainment,

returning to the Market

at little after one for an organic salad (not pictured below, instead an image I highly recommend clicking on to enlarge and read),

that I promptly dumped in the very middle of my lap!

We headed back to the hotel before catching the Red Line to Cambridge. And after a drink in a local pub that completely escapes me, we headed over to dinner at

Traditional baked scrod it was for YJDKIY at Henrietta's Table.

Saturday morning was bright and early as I searched high and low around the waterfront for a coffee place open on a Saturday in the Financial District. This was the beginning of our 12 mile day!

From breakfast, we hoofed it down Summer Street to the Commons, Frog Pond, and Public Garden.

Then took a quick stroll through Beacon Hill.

Back down to lunch, turkey sandwich, asian pear and Odwalla at DeLuca's Market on Newberry Street.

After a jaunt through H&M, Filene's, and Anthropolgie, it was picture time in Copley Square. From there, back up through the Public Garden and Beacon Hill, to Boyo froyo where it was the perfect temperature for some mint-tart-chocolate.

YJDKIY head back to through the Market to Columbus Park for the Boston ahts Festival.

A performance of Boston Ballet 2 and we scored (our second set of) free Larabars and Cascadian Farm cereal.

After enjoying a little break on the waterfront behind our hotel,

YJDKIY put on some warmer clothes and took the T back over to Newberry Street for Boston's famous Upper Crust pizza.

Picnic on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall, and a nighttime stroll through the Commons (that's the moon beside the Prudential building!).


Sunday morning, YJDKIY had a little time to kill before the only open coffee joint, well, opened. So, I toured the harbor and visited with the harbor seals again.

Our last stop in Boston was at the MFA and lunch at boloco (which was tasty, but I have to say THE hardest ordering experience ever!).

Waking up in 50 degrees, dinner in 90 degrees! Whew!

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