September 15, 2010


From time to time, YJDKIY stumbles on a tidbit that isn't my own content. I know it's hard to believe, but here's a travel/foodie list I didn't come up with! It's from Bon Appetit via Yahoo!

Each year, Bon App├ętit brings you a report on the nation's top food cities. Restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton scours the country to find towns with the most inspired culinary culture, and this year he crowned Boulder as "America's Foodiest Town 2010." Here's the run-down on why Boulder took home the title, plus a look at five runner-up destinations for the food-obsessed.

1. Boulder, Colorado
Boulder has won just about every shiny happy lifestyle award a city can: Healthiest, Most Educated, Most Bicycle-Friendly--the list goes on. And this year, it can add one more: Bon Appetit's Foodiest Town in America. Along with having fit, smart, and eco-conscious citizens, Boulder is home to a number of innovative food companies (Celestial Seasonings, Izze Beverage Company, and Bhakti Chai), top-tier restaurants, and one of the best farmers' markets in the country.
2. McMinnville, Oregon
3. Big Sur, California
4. Traverse City, Michigan
5. Louisville, Kentucky
6. Ithaca, New York

For new readers, you'll definitely want to check out my GFRT* post for more info on this topic. Now, let's hit the road!

*Great Food Road Trip

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