September 19, 2010

Glass was a bad choice

Start with this guy (pet peeve...WHY do they have to put stickers on everything? Especially squashes and peppers? I guess it is payback for this non-local veggie splurge). Slice in half and bake (with a little water), face down for about 45 minutes at 450.

Hey you know what goes good with spaghetti squash? Glass. In the form of a shattered pyrex. I contemplated baking this on a pan instead of a dish and clearly, I didn't fully think that plan through.

When the water had baked out and it still needed a few minutes, all innocent like, I went to add another 1/4 c. water, sending pieces of glass flying across the kitchen, down every nook and cranny of the oven, and into the skin of the squash! The explosion of glass was louder than the last thing I shattered, and you're lucky YJDKIY is able to type this and no appendages were lost. Apparently there is something about thermal shock that is just some piece of common knowledge I missed. Moving on...


Once tender, use a fork to spaghetti it and set aside! (yes I did just use spaghetti as a verb)

For the topping, you can use just about anything you'd put on pasta. For this meal, I sauted red pepper, onion and garlic, and added a boatload of fresh spinach. Heat until wilted just perfectly. Then, add plain Oikos, nutmeg, and garlic salt, stirring until creamy.

Top the spaghetti "noodles" with spinach mix and serve with a little fresh ground pepper! This tasted pretty good and was a fantastic swap for pasta, but I have to admit, it left me a little hungry. I should have added the soysage, or some crumbled tofu, and you know, less glass, afterall.

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  1. Added black beans, tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese...baked in pan sprayed with glass breaking



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