October 28, 2010

Local Customs I Don't Understand

Although they aren't for me, I get Christmas lights. I totally understand a flag on July 4th. Heck, a pumpkin and some nice yellow mums are even cool for Fall. But this, this extremely over the top yard decor for...Halloween, the most non-holiday of them all...this is just beyond me.

Please excuse the shady nature of the following photos...taken with my iPhone while trying to be super stealthy dog walking!

 Even the Y has gone so far as to do not just decorations, but a life size diorama!

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see how this is appropriate yard art for Halloween...or any other non-holiday!

And finally, just to prove we here on the Ave aren't totally antifestive...the Canine Component is sporting a little Halloween decor.

She's clearly thrilled about it.

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