October 26, 2010

Win Some Lose Some

YJDKIY was in the mood to try something new with these guys

Somewhere recently I read about eggplant rolls, but I couldn't find the exact recipe I'd seen, so I decided to just wing it. I also had in mind to use up the last of my baby basils, as they are a little worse for the Fall wear.

I did manage to pick enough for the amount of eggplant I had.

 At least three times through this process I was already picturing the blog post title: epic fail! Slicing the eggo-s lengthwise and thin proved extremely difficult.

Then, after dipping the slices in a plate of Pino's Press Garlic EVOO, I rolled them up with basil leaves, diced (last farmer's market) tomato, and either mozzarella or feta (wanted to try both).

Trust me when I tell you the toothpicks were necessary. I really needed eggplant ribbons instead of slices, but I don't think the cheese slicer would have cut it for this.

Meanwhile, I prepped for tofu battering. Dip #1 in egg white, dip #2 in a mix of breadcrumbs/garlic powder/oregano/dried basil and placed on a pan to bake.

Both went in the oven at 375 for about 25 minutes, alternating with broil on 500 for a few minutes here and there. Served with a side of marinara, the tofu turned out crispy and perfect. The eggplant rolls...meh. I think they were a little too thick and not quite done, which of course is the total wrong way to eat eggplant.

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