November 1, 2010

Gold Stars of the Week

1. Harris Teeter has switched (at least this week in this town) organic kale providers! YJDKIY has had a couple of bad run-ins with Cal-Organics over the last year, and is pleased to find Lady Moon Farms in it's place. While, I haven't really researched either, a quick peruse of their websites leads me to believe the new supplier is a little more farmlike and while not local, at least we're in the same timezone! On top of all was the tastiest since local! I emailed to tell them this much. Vote with your dollars!

2. Sam's Club is being eco-friendly by printing their receipts double sided! Instead of the usual 12-18" strip of paper from most grocery stores, this is what I got instead! A mere 3"!

1 comment:

  1. pet peave #747 ~ unnecessary reciept length causing the receipt to have to be folded to insert in standard trifold wallet.... mostly consisting of compairing savings based on already over priced items and thinly veiled attempts at gaining your email address for spamming! I've even tried tearing the total off the bottom of my reciept and handing the trash back to the cashier for disposal... but I know, it is the MACHINE.



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