January 19, 2011

Just like Chilis?

Ok, maybe not! But these (organic) chicken fajitas were delish!

Possibly because of these peppers I made a special trip to Aldi for! Red, Yellow and Orange peppers were 2.99 total and I got 3 green peppers for 1.99. If you've ever paid 3.99 for a pepper at Harris Teeter, you hear me on that one, no?


Lime juice, EVOO, garlic, cumin marinade for the chicken strips. Plus a um, well, dash, of Mrs. Dash's Fiesta Lime no sodium seasoning (note: WHY does that have rice concentrate in it?).

Plus some onion.

It's rare that chicken gets cooked in this kitchen, and when it does, this is the poor pitiful doggy stare YJDKIY is subjected to, every single time:

Please can I have just one taste?

Sauted in a little lime juice and Mrs. D's.

Such a messy cook!
Served together on warmed tortillas with mashed avocado and salsa. Take that Chilis and your 1250 mg. of sodium.

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