January 21, 2011


YJDKIY used to scoff at unneeded kitchen appliances like griddles and panini presses. However, as I've been making sandwiches a full meal lately, this is the second time I've wished for a panini press! Doh.

This version used some 9-grain whole wheat bread, fresh torn spinach, mozza, sliced up artichoke hearts and a mix of leftover pizza sauce with a cube of thawed pesto.

But the secret yummy ingredient was fake n baked egplant parmeseans! These guys were really sliced up eggoplant rounds, lightly slathered with EVOO and coated in....wheat germ! Baked for about 20-25 minutes on 425.

I could have eaten them all right there.

Combine everything together and pan fry like a grilled cheese until browned and melted. TIP: Low heat and a lid are your friends. High heat is the devil.

Grains, veggies, protein...how could that not be considered a whole meal? (PS: Those are salad size plates for reference, this is not a big sammie.)

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