January 24, 2011

Local 3 Not Local 2

If only tofu and brown rice were local!

Would you have guess exotic sounding bok choy came from Rowan County, NC? And the onion. And, most importantly the carrots.

This is the first time YJDKIY has had a local, fresh picked, organic carrot. SOOOO crispy and delicious. I am not sure I can go back to rubbery bitter grocery store (even the organic ones!) carrots now. They reminded of Winnie the Pooh's Rabbit and his carrot patch. No wonder those carrots get stolen! I digress. 

Also the first time for cooking and serving bok choy! Also crispy and delicious. And those onions...possibly one of the best onion flavors I've ever tasted (maybe we've just missed fresh veggies during this oh so chilly winter).

Once everything was cut up, I mixed them together well, and drizzled with some garlic EVOO, garlic powder, and a dash of soy sauce and set aside to marinate. Smelled SO good, I could have eaten it as a raw salad then and there.

Cube the tofu and saute with a little soy sauce until seared on the outside, but still a little wiggly. 8 minutes?

At the same time, the veggies should be sauteing in a wok. They only take about 5-7 minutes though.

Combine everything over some quick cook brown rice.

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