January 15, 2011

lost meal

Oops, this was a while ago! Coyote Kitchen in Boone, NC,  has these things called boats and Lauging Seed in Asheville, NC, calls them bowls. Basically it's just a mash of everything all piled up, and in some cases, a ton of cheese melted on it.

I'd planned the YJDKIY version to be in the skins, but these babies were local and apparently a hard find, so they were on the tiny and imperfect side when it came to looks.

They're flavor, after microwaving for about 10 minutes was insane! I'm not sure I've ever tasted such sweet...sweet potatoes. Absolutely nothing like the bland, mealy/stringy version in the store.

Next layer was black bean chili. With a. lot. of. garlic. I told you we use it!!

Why do stores insist on putting the sticker in the very place you eat? I think the produce gods do it to spite me for not buying local or in season. pet peeve!

Saute diced red onion, garlic, red pepper (green would have been preferred), plus some cumin and cilantro. Mix in a little lime juice and add black beans. Let it simmer for a bit.

All layered up (third layer is jack/cheddar cheese mix and will go in the mirco for about 1 minute). Sadly, that's the last photo for this lost meal. It was too tasty looking for me to wait to take a finished picture, apparently

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