January 29, 2011

Saturday Summary

gah, i can't handle it!

can you relate

this is really amazing when you stop and try to figure it out. you'll have to watch it at least twice, though

new interesting look-see

holy frijole guacamole

sure the way i said it had a lot more words and wasnt as funny, but same point

gotta love the cheerwine

and speaking of local...thanks monsanto
(ps: OV's response is here, I think we don't have the whole picture and can't make a judgment on this yet. , and Stonyfield's is here. While you're at it, worth reading this from the center for food safety. So maybe this isn't a summary and should be it's own post, huh? )

chilly puppy

speaking of chilly...what a blustery day

I heart the heart ones

who has time to figure this out?!

and it doesn't end there either!

negative Ghostrider?

25 years ago

further proof turning up the thermostat is bad for your health

ingenious marketing, ingenious timing. I'm seeing people anticipating this all over the place! (PS that's an anthropologie spinoff)

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