January 1, 2011


YJDKIY is on hiatus due to technical difficulties until Blogger/Google can process my $5 purchase of 20MB storage. Apparently having a fancy camera = large picture files = used up blogspace.

1. How come they didn't warn me sooner?
2. Why are there only $5 and $20 options?
3. Why doesn't Google have PayPal? Aren't we past physical credit cards yet?
3b. Why hasn't Google BOUGHT PayPal?
4. Why isn't that upgrade instant?



  1. hmmmm, that's new... I've never paid and have done the entire WHS2010 blog for 4 years with MASSIVE amounts of images. Wonder what that is all about? We've missed YJDKIY!

  2. dunno...I never resize them though, just upload from the camera, which is on like 3.5MB size. Plus I have a lot more frequent posts. They also said its your total google size, so I have docs too...



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