February 28, 2011

Bring Out the Stars

Yay for the Oscar people stepping it up! People looked pretty good...no Fs!

A red dress on the red carpet that actually works! They both get B+

Both Gwyny and Nicki have huge potential for messing things up, but they're both pretty average. C/B

Reese's boring black was also a weird fabric and the hair isn't working for this outfit. Plus, a little jewelry wouldn't have hurt now would it? C-

Helen Mirren always always looks fantastic and appropriate. A

How very Hollywood. Camilla's ballgown bottom half could have been dowdy, but the skimpy top is a nice offset. A best candidate! A/A

Maybe Natalie Portman should always be pregnant. She looks ahhhmazing in this color and cut. If it weren't for that annoying feathery hem, this might have been best dressed, ok maybe she is anyway. A-

Oh Sandra...this red, that red carpet? How come they never learn? C-

Tea length rules! B+
Was Michelle Williams going as a ghost? She's so cute and this look is so not. D

Love the color on Amy Adams, and I think I love the dress, but something is just not working. Maybe the jewelry. B+

Bad. See previous red comment, plus 1986 prom dress. F

This is NOT a good color, come on. See previous comment, second comment plus ill fitting chest coverage. D

Cate Blanchett looks like she's wearing some kind of Iron Man costume with that circle panel, plus it's just weird with the soft color/fabric and those pointy shoulders. D

ScarJo...undecided on this one. In theory I like it, but its missing something (besides fabric). C

Hillary Swan...I mean Swank. C-

BORING mummy suit! C-

Well they're cute, but that dress isn't cut right for Annette Benning. C-/A

Halle, I think you have some toilet paper tucked in your hose. This dress isn't that bad, but it isn't that good either. C-

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