March 27, 2011


After planning my week of yummy eats, complete with exotic items like jicama, swiss chard, and greek yogurt, YJDKIY felt a little guilty. You see, the Winston-Salem Journal published two articles this week about the hunger crisis in our area.

First, on the 25th:
The first reaction to the news last week that Winston-Salem ranked third in the nation in a survey of people who say they don't have enough money to feed their families is incredulity.
The survey by Gallup for the Food Research and Action Center, both reputable organizations, shows that in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County and three surrounding counties, 25 percent of families said they had trouble in the past year paying for food. Only the Fresno and Riverside metropolitan areas in California were ranked higher. Greensboro ranked fourth, Asheville seventh. North Carolina tied with Arkansas for sixth place among states with the most hunger problems.
Next, on the 26th:
Nearly one in five people in North Carolina don't know where their next meal will come from, according to a new national report.

ONE IN FIVE!! So, I've decided to seek out a few resources for making a difference in this area.

Feeding America

Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC: Empty Bowls, Kids Cafe
Second Harvest Food Bank Metrolina

And...most importantly: LOCAL!!!!
I've put a widget up over there on the right to help you find your local food bank. I spend about $60-90 each week on groceries. Could I donate even just one more dollar a week to my local food bank? For Second Harvest, $1 = $12 of food they can distribute. Or, can you donate your Lowe's Fresh Rewards? Maybe you want to host a food drive in honor of an event? If you can't find something through the food bank, check other helping ministries, grocery stores, Goodwill, or church organizations in your area.

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