March 26, 2011


When I said last week was fend for yourself week, I apparently meant the blog too. It didn't really fend for itself, though, it just sat here and stagnated. This week hopefully brings:  some weeknight posts, a new extra paycheck slash what was I thinking experiment, uuughhhhh 530 am trips to the Y, and maybe, just maybe if you are lucky, the Saturday Summary.

SUNDAY: Cheesy Lasagna Rolls with Spinach & Ricotta
MONDAY: Nature Burgers, leftover broccoli, jicama fries
TUESDAY: Greens with Carrots, Feta & Brown Rice, Pan-fried tofu
WEDNESDAY: Pizza night (stay tuned for special news this day!)
THURSDAY: Panko (organic) Chicken, green peas, potatoes
FRIDAY: Cheesy Butternut Bake
SATURDAY: Pasta primavera

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