April 29, 2011

Cool Creamy Kohlrabi

This alien looking vegetable seems to be a staple of CSA boxes in early Spring, perhaps because, as Wiki says, kohlrabis, kohlra-bi, kohlrabi will grow almost anywhere! After hearing about them all over the food blogs last year, I finally got my hands on some this year.

Quite extraterrestrial looking indeed!

Purple and light green.

But what to do with them?! First, remove the leaves and stems.

Then peel the stringy tough layer with a vegetable peeler - think potato here. Dice them in smallish pieces.

Boil for about 20 minutes until tender.

Drain, and prepare onion, garlic, milk (soy or regular), butter (local!), and a little salt.

Mash it all up just like potatoes.

And there you have creamy kohlrabi. YJDKIY absolutely loved this and it totally lived up to all the talk. The flavor is something like a potato crossed with an artichoke heart (fresh not canned!).

Served with also-local sauted Swiss chard and (really not local) salmon.

Is this tiny chard leaf cute?

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