April 29, 2011

Hat's Off!

Remember when I posted this? So you knew this post was coming right?! Kate's dress was pretty, William looked dashing, Pippa was sweet (if not orange), Harry was cute, and that frowning little bridesmaid was hilarious. 

But my favorite part (aside from Wills telling Kate she looked beautiful or her WOW gasp on the balcony), of course, were the hats! YJDKIY desperately wants to wear a fascinator. Even the name of it is divine, especially with an English accent. I may have to create such an occasion to wear one, only my occasion won't involve a live avenue of English Field Maples or a 1902 State Landau coach. I digress.

Which was your favorite? I just can't decide?

This might be it

And then there was Princess Beatrice.

If YJDKIY *had* been invited, I may have made a selection from one of those over in the Etsy column. What would yours look like?

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