May 27, 2011


YJDKIY's Green Kitchen is feeling very patriotic with these lovely white mums that appeared on the counter today. :) 

SATURDAY: Groupon Love in Dilworth and Speed Street Rowdiness
SUNDAY: Bok Choy with Roasted Cashews and Onions over Soba Noodles
MONDAY: Not dogs & beans, kohlrabi slaw, Potato sticks
TUESDAY: Butternut, Chard & White Bean Soup
WEDNESDAY: Salads with MSF (other cooker)
THURSDAY: Patty Pan Squash with Basil, Baked Fish
FRIDAY: Grilled Cheese & Broccoli Sandwich

Summer may not officially start until June 21, but by Memorial Day weekend here in the South, it definitely feels like summer. It wouldn't be complete without a little NastyCar! As they say, "Let Freedom Race!"

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