May 25, 2011

Sortof Satay

(not pictured: agave, and note, I didn't measure a single thing)

Go on and say it. I know you are thinking what in the samhill do those things make? It's ok. The truth is, I wasn't quite sure what they would make, but I was basing it on a recipe for easy satay, or thai style peanut sauce (if you look at that recipe, you'll note I took a few liberties with the ingredients!).

You see I had planned for polenta,

black beans,

and kale.

Then I added some tofu because I wanted to combine them into some sort of roasted goodness with a flavor similar to the ginger sauce at Laughing Seed. Except for that I hate ginger. It actually tasted almost just like the packaged or restaurant peanut sauces, if it wasn't a little odd in an of itself.

I baked the tofu and polenta for about 30 minutes on 350.

Then broiled for about 10 more minutes while the kale steamed.

Combined and topped with the sortof satay, because I am all about some recipe modifications lately!

It was pretty tasty, enough to eat for leftovers tomorrow, despite being a complete and total hodgepodge of ingredients. And overexposed to boot. Does anyone know why all my other photos look fine on the camera and in preview but look extra dark in blogger?


  1. re photo... looks like your light metered the center focus point which was the black been. Hence the exposure over exposed the light areas of the bowl... a problem with subject pinpoint readings. I usually try to read from the lightest point with aperature priority auto settings. FWIW

  2. that explains why the last one is OVERexposed, but not why the others are aalllllways dark despite my little light meter scale thing being in the exact right spot! they look fine when I open them in preview on my screen too.



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