May 8, 2011


We were off to the Italian villa of Raffaldini Vineyards today. What was supposed to be possibly stormy and partly cloudy turned into very warm Spring Mother's Day.

After a short drive through the Yadkin County farmland, we had a picnic of tofurky wraps, chickpea/zucchini/pepper salad and local strawberries & chocolate. The big hit was my Wasa Rosemary crackers from Big Lots, though!

We went on the vineyard tour (not really recommended, as it lasted about 10 minutes). YJDKIY has been on the winery tour at Childress Vineyards, a tasting/picnic at RayLen, and did a tasting at Shelton Vineyards, so that makes a nice variety of NC wine experiences, I guess.

Baby grapes.

The view of the Blue Ridge is phenomenal. That angle is straight out of a Van Gogh wheatfield!

Roses are the canaries of vines.

If there is one thing I've learned from those wine valley visits, YJDKIY isn't really a fan of sweet Muscadine wines. But then, I don't really like a lot of wine anyhow! 

It was a gorgeous day in Ronda, NC, and the blog might just stay there this week!

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  1. Hey I loved the cranberry mustard on the wraps and the strawberries were geat too!!



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