June 2, 2011


The USDA unvieled a new guide to replace the food pyramid today: MyPlate

Here's a nice article from the Washington Post that helps outline what experts have to say about the new icon, launched this morning, by First Lady Michelle Obama. Personally, YJDKIY loves the simplicity and the fact that you can translate it to any size plate if you keep proportions, and a variety of specific foods fit in the categories.  Furthermore, it makes the dietary guidelines about something we are all familiar with, a dinner plate and FOOD, rather than scientific, hard to understand, unrelateable pyramids. I can't wait to tweet some photo examples of #MyPlate! 

Don't take my word for it though, here's a great argument on why this new icon has the same old problems. I agree with a few of those points, and as a mostly vege eater, I look for calcium and protein IN my fruits, vegetables, and grains. Is the separate protein and dairy really needed? Also, what about good fats like avocado and omega-3s?

And last, YJDKIY found this especially interesting. A graphic guide to the history of the food guidelines over the years, also from the Washington Post.

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