June 3, 2011

Gunnabea Scorcher Week

That's Southern for 'It's going to be a hot week.'

SATURDAY: Brown Rice Stuffed Peppers, Turnip & Apple Salad

SUNDAY: Balsamic Beets, Sauted Greens & Tofu

MONDAY: Salads (other cooker!)

TUESDAY: Butternut Lasagna (I didn't make the soup last week because it was too hot. I really don't think it will be any cooler this week for lasagna, but lucky for that butternut, I LOVE this recipe. Seriously, one of my favorites)

WEDNESDAY: Wheatberry Salad, Salmon & Leek Quiche  

THURSDAY: Zucchini/Tomato Bake, Crash Hot Potatoes

FRIDAY: Homemade Personal Pizzas

and new blog to drool over: http://chubbyvegetarian.blogspot.com

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