July 1, 2011

It's Not Saturday Yet Summary

YJDKIY has been a little preoccupied lately with, well, I don't know really with what, but the point is, there haven't been a lot of food photos coming off the camera (or any photos). Rest assured we are still dining on delectable dinners, they just aren't making it to that great big ol blogland in the sky.

Not one to disappoint, here's some reading material to keep you busy in the mean times.

Vizualize Me. I dare you.

Swirly Love

How much do you make? If you work for the City of Charlotte, we now know!

I've been using this at work and am still undecided. The search/address bar is pretty handy.

Real life hobbits

Are you a criminal?


New food blog love

She's the new Sarah P.

Good advice for impending nuptials?

On my NY to do list!

Not on my NC to do list.

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