June 27, 2011

Fennel, Orange & Beet Salad

Last Thursday was the last CSA pickup for Wild Turkey Farms, and it went out with a bang! The two big highlights of our pickup were quite odd. The first was:


YJDKIY has been meaning to try fennel for a while. I'm not a fan at all of licorice, but I am a fan of unique veggies and this is certainly one of those.

For this salad, I diced up the bulb and saved some of the fluffy tops for garnish.

The add some pieced up orange. It helps if it is really juicy - and that keeps the fennel from turning brown, as well. Boil a few (local!) beets, cool, and peel. Chop and add to the salad and shake it up!

For the "dressing" I just poured about 1-2T of really good quality balsamic vinegar. Thanks, Dottie! Let it chill for a while. Prepare a few romaine leaves with EVOO for the grill to serve as the base.

Plated with this summer dinner. Delicious other cooker tunka steak! I resisted the urge to marinate remembering that I actually prefer the flavor of plain grilled tuna to a flavored version. Topped with creamy lemon-dill. 

I'll remain quiet on that other side item. ;)

Somebody else might tell though. She looks suspicious. You can tell because she is "sitting good."

Once she figured out she wasn't getting any, back to her normal un-ladylike sit.

Ok, really starting to get worried she won't get a taste.

But of course she ALWAYS does!

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