August 30, 2011

Gadget Love

YJDKIY lives in a 91 year old house. Insane right? And although the Green Kitchen was redone just a couple of years ago, we're still lacking one common modern convenience:

The garbage disposal. I don't really miss it, since I never had one growing up, and certainly not in those college apartments. But that doesn't mean we don't have our fair share of well, food-related garbage. Enter my latest $7 Stein Mart find!

The most ingenious invention from OXO.  It's not just any sink drain strainer. It's flexy! So, when you're ready to empty, just flip, press the bottom, and poof!

All the sink goo flips out an into the trash without you ever having to touch it. Plus, there are no weird edges for stuff to get stuck on. I've tried the cheap $2 basket/mesh ones (bent/broke, never got clean), a nice $4 (melted with a hot pan placed in the sink, and stained) plastic one, so the $14 to outfit our sinks was well worth it in my opinion.

In case you are jealous, you can order your own from Amazon!


  1. I have one already, not S good at holding water in the sink.

  2. Yeah...that would be a problem. But, we dishwasher everything. Can't recall the last time I had standing water in the sink!



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