September 1, 2011

Local Undecided and PSA

Oikos. It has it's own tag over there in my word cloud of labels. It USED to mean the fantastically healthy breakfast made by a company I adore. If you've been to a grocery store recently, you may have noticed something odd in the "oikos" section.


There is a new game in town and as of yet (typical) YJDKIY is undecided on the verdict. Dannon, owned by the same parent company, Groupe Danone as Stonyfield (although Stonyfield has retained its own leadership), has launched a line of yogurt also called oikos. But not all oikoses are created the same.

1. Dannon oikos is not organic
2. Not all Dannon oikos is fat free


3. Dannon oikos is not quite as healthy with the protein, sugars or ingredients (there are a LOT of them and several I don't really want in my yogurt)
4. The packaging is similar and could be easily confused
5. There is an obvious marketing benefit for Dannon and they are embracing their Stonyfield rip-off, but I wonder how Stonyfield really feels about it, and is this just the beginning of more food conglomerate shinanigans?
6. Alternatively, Dannon oikos is still probably better for you than many, MANY, sugar filled, low protein yogurts, so it is good exposure at a lower price point.
7.  The key lime is HEAVENLY and I would rather eat it than ice cream, and I half the serving size for a treat.
screen shot via

8. This is exactly the crazy antics of the food business that get consumers in trouble when trying to make healthy choices. I have no doubt its all about the bottom line and I'm not sure I want to support that. Stonyfield's CE-yo always says, vote with your food dollars, afterall.
9. So what's a Oikos-proper loving girl to do?
10. Did I mention it's like dessert but slightly healthier? Clearly, more research is needed. 

PS: If you want to check it out and make the decision for yourself, visit this site:

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