August 16, 2011

Totally Honest Tempeh Wraps

YJDKIY has one gorge looking tempeh wrap to share with you.

Pretty simple ingredients. More plastic than I'd like, though.

Slice the tempeh in triangles and then thin it in half.

Do the same to the apple and cheddar.

Saute in a cooking spray'd pan. Notice that weird moldy looking piece?

(clicky the pic to enlarge if you can't read...that doesn't really make me feel better)

They'll start to get golden and crispy. 

Prepare your wrap with a base of apples and spinach. 

Top the tempeh triangles with some cheddar and lid-it to melt. 

Nom! Doesn't that look delicious? I couldn't wait to take the first bite it was so gorge.

And then I promptly recoiled in horror. All my previous dislike of tempeh came flooding back. It. Was. Gross. Bitter, bland, and well, moldy tasting.  Apparently I don't like this kind, I only like the high-sodium masked by other flavors tempeh. I told you it was Totally Honest.

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