November 7, 2011

Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup with Green Onions and Sesame

Quite an impressive title huh? For YJDKIY's first official Winter Harvest meal, I wanted to use those delicious green onions. Local fresh ones always seem to be spicier and hotter than the store variety, yet somehow milder than regular onions.

Nevermind that I forgot they were the star ingredient until I'd already diced up a yellow onion and had to seal it back up and put in the fridge. Doh.

This packaging cracks me up.

The recipe called for Napa Cabbage, which looked less than appealing at the grocery store (I can't imagine it's turnover rate is very respectable and it showed. Alternative?

I used Savoy Cabbage, that came all the way from Deep Gap, NC.

Cabbage is a winter vegetable and it is entering it's peak month (according to Wiki).

Chopped to pieces.

I put together a marinade of low-sodium soy, EVOO, and Sherry. And, for this meal, we reached a new milestone. I didn't think it was possible for a food photo, especially one I took, to be...well, gross. Squeamish readers shield your eyes....



Chopped up chicken marinating. GAHRHOOOOS.

I let it sit for a while and sauted a bunch of pressed garlic.

Add in the cabbage/onions. (The recipe called for a bunch of other ingredients I omitted.) Boil some water for the noodles.

Hello shutter speed.

Add in the stock and the cooked chicken strips.

Add some sesame.

Combine it all.

VOILA! Bangkok Garden right here on the Ave. Another keeper soup.


  1. PS Did anyone else notice this meal prep matched the blog colors?!



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